Digital publications

We have taken our publishing expertise to a new digital medium, in the form of the Twixl digital publishing platform. We firmly believe that this is the very best publishing platform available, allowing us to create interactive, extremely engaging and media-rich publications for all modern tablets and smartphones.

Our clients now have the opportunity to gain a convincing presence in the digital marketplace with truly engaging branded apps, available directly through the major stores, including Apple, Google and Amazon.

Recent digital publications include a highly interactive programme to accompany The National Theatre's live broadcast of Frankenstein as well as the Sadler's Wells brochure iPad app.

Key benefits:

  • Distribute your own branded app to smartphones and tablets via all major stores, including Apple, Amazon and Google
  • Engage your audience with media-rich, interactive content, feedback forms and social media options
  • Communicate with your audience through unlimited FREE in-app messaging.
  • New revenue potential via cover price or subscription model, advertising, in-app purchasing and merchandising
  • Detailed analytics
  • Work with us and save money – built-in collaborative features enable Adobe Creative Cloud users with InDesign skills to contribute directly to the production process

Interactive features:

  • Hyperlinks - Create links that jump to websites, other articles, and more
  • Slideshows - Create a set of images for a slideshow
  • Image sequence - Create effects such as rotating an object 360°
  • Panoramas – Create interactive 360° image panoramas
  • Pan and Zoom - Display a large image in a small area and allow the user to pan and zoom the image
  • Scrollable frames - Create a scrollable frame that lets users scroll to view more content
  • Web content - Display a web page within a view area. Users can see the web page content in the view area without having to display a separate in-app browser
  • Audio – Embed and play audio files, or stream audio content from the web
  • Full screen or inline video - Play videos inline or in full-screen mode
  • Nested overlays - Embed interactive overlays in either scrollable frames or slideshows


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