Advertising sales

Our stand-alone Advertising Sales Agency is for clients who do not have the time, resources or experience to attract advertising into their own publications. We have 20 years’ experience in selling space in a wide variety of publications.

We will generate an income stream to offset the costs of the publication. We work on a split-revenue basis and will draw on our bank of clients whom we know support the highest-quality publications.

  • You can keep your existing printers or use us - your choice.
  • Make more revenue for your event and save the cost, fuss and time of selling the advertising.
  • Contact with a hugely increased pool of potential high-end advertisers.
  • Specialist knowledge of what works best.
  • Free up your time and people to get on with doing what you do best! Leave advertising sales to us.
  • Low-risk - only pay for results.
  • No need for invoicing and the hassle of collecting payment from multiple advertisers - we handle it all.
  • One, straightforward, pre-agreed advertising revenue-share structure that can cover all your print costs!



Then contact Sally Grenville (Senior Business Development Manager):


T: 01869 332174

M: 07833096554


Want to work with us? If you'd like to work with us, then please get in touch for a personal quotation.


  • Peter Marshall – Victoria Park Motors

    "We’ve been promoting in the programmes at the Wales venues and various BBC programmes since 2004. The reason why we return year after year is down to the hugely successful, and measurable, results we’ve seen. We always receive wonderful customer service from the Sales and Copy team, and will continue to work with John Good for many years to come."

    Peter Marshall – Victoria Park Motors

  • Hatfields Home Furnishers

    "Hatfields have been working with John Good for the past 14 years and have had a good experience of advertising in our local theatre programmes with their help. We are regularly informed about any opportunity to advertise and the upcoming show programmes available to us. The print quality of the theatre programmes produced are exceptional and we have always been very happy with the content and look of these."

    Hatfields Home Furnishers

  • Babington House School

    "Babington House School have been advertising in the Churchill Theatre, Bromley programmes for the past two years and find this a valuable way to promote this outstanding independent school to the local community. John Good are an efficient and professional company to work with."

    Babington House School


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