The Alleynian

The Alleynian

The recent annual magazine for a top independent school, Dulwich College, used a technique recently seen on a Shakespeare’s Globe programme that John Good Limited produced for the Sam Wannamaker Theatre during the winter season.

Having seen the proposed cover artwork, the front covers were be glossed using the spot UV technique. This enhanced the bright illustrations used, thus creating a contrast between the background, and giving the cover a matt finish.


During printing, we use a special method to prevent the spot UV being absorbed. This is a typical problem when using uncoated stocks, as the open surface does not allow the spot UV to sit on top on the paper surface without producing the high sheen expected. The second problem is that the material often shrinks due to the water content evaporating, this then causes misregister when applying the second UV layer.

Having successfully overcome these issues, the photos demonstrate the final results: high impact printing, high impact finishes, no issues with misregister, and all at an agreeable price. 



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