Nothing amateur about our programmes!

Nothing amateur about our programmes!

Throughout the country, amateur drama and musical societies, as well as many youth theatre groups, stage quality production at many of our regional theatres. The performance standards on the amateur theatre scene are extremely high and so must be the theatre programme.

As we form close relationships with these companies, they repeatedly tell us that they like the fact that we produce imaginative designs that reflect the work being shown on-stage; that they can access our editorial and pictures, allowing for quality articles being produced that reflect and support the work being shown on-stage; and that they enjoy working with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the arts.

Amateur societies love to work with us, as they know that the finished programme is going to be a comparable quality theatre programme that is equal to the standard produced throughout the rest of the country and in the West End. For most, the theatre programme is the only tangible record of the production, a keep-sake of the show for some, but also a historic record of the work being produced for many companies.


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