Canterbury Festival

Canterbury Festival

The Canterbury Festival takes place each autumn and involves a huge number of different events across a dozen or more mini-seasons - everything is covered from classical music to comedy to science talks to walks to family events. It is the largest festival of arts and culture in the region.

We have been involved with the Festival's digital marketing for a number of years and were excited to propose something completely new to them.

We redesigned the website from the ground up to better reflect the vibrancy of the Festival and the variety of events and activities.

We also specified a completely new content management system (CMS), putting the client in full control of each page and feature of the website.

From the homepage onwards, the site is intended to grab the attention, with featured events being displayed in an eye-catching carousel. All events can be browsed directly from the homepage in date order or via an event s calendar or can be speedily filtered by genre.

Each event has its own detail page with image and video galleries; an interactive map showing the performance location, which uses the Google Maps API; the ability to share the event on Twitter and Facebook; and a recommended events feature, which gives extra visibility to similar activities.

Tickets can be booked online for some events - our website integrates seamlessly with the Festival's box-office ticketing system.

We also redesigned the Festival's email marketing collateral and created ebooks of the Festival's printed material as part of the project.

What the client said

"In our first meeting you came well prepared and with a good understanding of the organisation's needs. Throughout the project, the always friendly and helpful John Good team made it a very efficient experience on an ambitious time scale and supported me in navigating the new territory well.

"As a result we are able to give the 200 events during the Festival a better platform and have a very visual focus on the vast amount of information available during and outside Festival time. It has also enabled us to improve the online booking process with an external provider leading to better results already.

"Thank you for helping us on our way to the 21st century!"

Stefanie Klinge-Davis, Marketing Manager


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