Vault Festival App

Vault Festival App

Having worked tirelessly with the Vault team to create their App in time for this year's festival, we are pleased to announce that it has been completed and is ready for free download.

Built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite - an enterprise level investment on our part - John Good Limited is proud to have developed this engaging and interactive App for our new client.

VAULT Festival returns for its third year from 28th January to 8th March, offering an unparalleled variety of theatre, comedy, music and much more over six weeks in the 'Vaults' below Waterloo, London.

           Vault 1    Vault 2

Highlights include a modern reinvention of 'Macbeth' by Filter Theatre, featuring innovative sound and music, which will be sure to challenge preconceptions of the great tragedy.

'Pitch Black' will consist of concerts, poetry and theatre all in complete darkness, allowing heightened senses to make the most of the Mercury Award nominated musicians featured in the show.

Introducing Live are a six-piece band who will perform the whole of the Daft Punk's album 'Discovery'. The band consists of a range of talented musicians, sound engineers and actors who will work together to bring the 2001 album to life.

          Vault 4   Vault 3

The Vault App is available to download free on iTunes and Google Play.


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